December 18, 2012

Sugar and Sass

There is quite a bit of planning that goes into Christmas, and as my friend Quinn says, sometimes it tries to kill you.  But this year has been blissfully easy.  Partly because we have been in the house for the longest stretch EVER, so everything is basically routine.  The tree and the decorations went up weeks ago, so the party was simple.  Of course I made it a smidge more complicated than it needed to be, but let's be honest.  The water bottle labels with polka dots and chevron just made me happier that day.  ;)

Ryan took this photo the day before Cupcakes and Coffee when I was taking these balloons to the mailbox.  Although I hardly needed to indicate which house was mine, my next door neighbors have some inflatable situation happening, a white fake tree and of course, an enormous plastic pumpkin (see also: matches their long-dead mums) in the front yard.  So I am fairly sure (read: fracking positive) no one thought that was my house. 
Mine is the mailbox with the argyle Christmas ribbon and the simple green garland.  Obvs.  I will say I could use a new flag, mine is a country Santa, but otherwise my decorations are spot on.  I love the metal peppermint candy and flower themed stakes in my pots!

Sunday morning after 9a Mass we made the weekly pilgrimage to Waffle House.  Ryan got some extra wear out of his Cotillion tie and I played black and white cheetah in this House of Target faux silk whatnot and some suit pants.  It was super comfy and I exchanged the red Mass pumps for black riding boots when I got home.

I took the leaf out of the kitchen table and shoved it against the window because the Casa de Chaos is small.  Of course, that also eliminated 6 chairs, but my cutie friends rolled with it.  I am not saying people ended up sitting on the floor in the family room, but I am not saying they didn't.

I snagged the "Merry & Bright" banner and the little flags from Mara Mi when I was in Chicago this Thanksgiving.  My mom snuck some cute cupcake napkins into my bag that week too as a surprise and  those were the only new additions to the 7th annual drop-in.

Publix and Trader Joe's did the baking and the Kuerig made the drinks.  It's possible that I was half in the bag but I don't tote tales on myself this close to Christmas.

Better not pout...


Leslie said...

I love that banner. Your house is so well-decorated. Merry Christmas!

melissa said...

Adorable holiday decorations! Your neighbors sound like mine. Their yard actually looks better when they park in it - hides the dead grass and scraggly bushes.

Would you mind sharing where the adorable top you're wearing in the ballon picture is from? It's too cute!

Heather said...

Everything looks so cute. I bet it was a fun party!

Anonymous said...

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Susie Stancil said...

You. Are. Adorable. Besides the Uncle Julio's on Peachtree, the only thing that would make me want to live in Atlanta again is the chance that I could come to Cupcakes and Coffee. Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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