November 19, 2012

Road Trippin'

I think road trips are awesome.

Late Sunday morning, after a Waffle House stop with the college BFFS,  the boys and I piled into the (now ORANGE monogrammed!) minivan and drove to my parents' house.

719 miles of progressively flatter interstate from Atlanta to Chicago.  (If that sentence confuses you please Utilize The Google and learn about glaciers, kthanks.)  Satellite radio (albeit less stations due to the recent subscription update, boo) and a cooler of road trip snacks.  Said snacks included dark chocolate with sea salt, myriad boxes of crackers, Flavor Blasted Goldfish, pretzel M&Ms and 2 packs of bubble gum.  In the car is really the only place it's ok for a girl (read: anyone) to chew gum.  It's gross and rude.  Make a note.

An old book of CDs which included but was not limited to Annie Lennox, Cravin' Melon and Jump Little Children.  CDs so old they had my maiden name written on them in Sharpie.  My love of office supplies runs deep and long.  CDs in fact, that have been all over the world.  Well, except Asia and Australia, I've not been there, yet. 

The boys had a backpack that I don't think was ever unpacked as we spent the entire drive either watching movies (Little Rascals, Looney Tunes and Disney everything ever produced) and seat dancing.  In the event that you were wondering, you can ABSOLUTELY choreograph dances with a seat belt and one hand (mostly) on the steering wheel.  If you screw up the lyrics to anything by Skynyrd, Ice, Ice Baby or Call Me Maybe, I will repeat the song and give you a second chance.  Then I will just laugh at you for another 10 miles.

We laughed so hard on that trip.  I had the boys undivided attention, well mostly.  Except for the hour and half during the Anime movie. I am a dork, admittedly, but that level of dorkdom is too much even for me.  So I let them have that to themselves while I indulged in some Beach Music and some Scritti Politti.  We decided that our Musical Palette needs it own zip code it's so wide. 

We made a few stops, for necessaries (read: non fat lattes and petrol in Tennessee) and had lunch in Kentucky and dinner in Indiana. 

Around 8:30p I started getting a little antsy.  My left arm gets sore when I drive that long.  Something to think about: wearing a ponytail when driving on a road trip SEEMS like a good idea.  Natch, it is not.  You can't lean your head back and eventually that ponytail is going to make you stabby.  Ergo you have 2 choices, wear it down (which I did until 8:30p) or sport pigtails.  Check and check. 

(I am not ashamed to admit I and took a selfie in the Starbucks ladies' room sporting some sweats on this trip, purple ones at that, and trainers with fluorescent yellow laces.)

We pulled in to my parents' drive sometime after 10p, and were greeted with a glass of wine, turndown services and hollers of, "Let the ruckus begin!"

I won't be a cliche and say how thankful I was to be home, and especially to see my dad after his heart surgery.  But I will tell you I am pretty sure he had mascara on his shirt from my tears of relief when I hugged him.

Happy Monday Loves...Let the Ruckus Begin!


Just Ask Beth said...

blessings to you and yours and "thankful" you must truly be this Thanksgiving..

Susie Stancil said...

I am the one trippin'--at how skinny you are! Starbucks selfie photos do not lie.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I am super thankful for your sense of humor...thanks for always putting a smile on my face!

BroncoMom said...

Have a wonderful time with your family. Savor every second of it.

linda said...

Just catching up on your sweet get younger, skinnier and sexier every year! How is that possible?

linda said...

Just catching up on your sweet get younger, skinnier and sexier every year! How is that possible?