November 14, 2012

Cupcakes and Coffee

Every year since we moved to Atlanta, I have hosted a Christmas Drop-In (that's the Southern version of an Open House for those of you North of the Mason-Dixon).  I have called it Cupcakes and Coffee, because it starts early in the day, like 9a.

My girlfriends drop their children off at school, and pull up to my casa.  No cookie exchange, no white elephant gift.  I don't want them to do anything, no work, no stress.  Then we sit around for the majority of the day and drink coffee and make fancy hot chocolates from the bar.  Freebase on sugar and icing and generally just take a few hours off duty.

Of course, there are always a couple of special guests, because at least one of my girlfriends is bound to have had a baby, but otherwise there are no children.  We all ooh and ahh over the latest peanut, vacillating between wanting to hold her and thanking the Good Lord that our children are older and we slept all night.

There is not much discussion of being SO INCREDIBLY BUSY and of CHRISTMAS TRYING TO KILL US, because we are all in it together.  We all know how hard it is, but this day, we tend to focus on each other.  The elements of those friendships that transcend the busyness of the season.  Giggling and much discussion of what (if any) ridiculous gifts the men in our lives will manage to have picked out.  Some mention of putting on our winter weight, but then vehement insistence to one another that, YOU LOOK AMAZING and JUST EAT ANOTHER CUPCAKE PRETTY GIRL!

It's one of my favorite things.  No stress, no work. I don't do the baking, I order everything and just sass it up with my magic.  Before we realize it, it's time to run afternoon carpool and everyone scoots out with promises not to go so long without seeing each other.

I love my girlfriends.

I am getting ready to order invitations for this years Cupcakes and Coffee, and I found these cute options on Tiny Prints.  I haven't decided which one, what do you think?

They are all so cute and the price point is perfect.  I'd rather spend my budget on sprinkles and a new lip gloss...obviously! I am leaning toward the second one, I love the shape and the bright colors.

Priorities include packing for a week in Chicago, ordering invites, and getting an enormous latte to drink while I peruse these Christmas card options here at Tiny Prints and having them shipped rush... would be weird if I used a selfie pic from Twitter, right?  heehee

 Merry, merry y'all...


Melissa said...

Super cute party idea! I love it!

The second invite is my fav, followed by the 3rd one. Make sure you let us know which one you wind up picking!

The wife said...

Thinking I should copy this party idea!

Anonymous said...

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Debra said...

They're all really cute! But I think the 2nd one is especially nice also. I like the different colors-a bit less traditional. I love the party idea. Have fun!